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League Of Legends Hentai Grounds

2013-04-08 15:45:53 by Nightbird101

League Of Legends Hentai Grounds (Alpha version)

After a couple of days (seriously 2 days) I've finished this little hentai game. Based on the great free to play game League of Legends. I do have plans to continue with this game with other features but due to time I don't have it can be a while.
All champions seen in the champion selection screen are on the "to do list". If you would like to see more support it by liking my facebook page. If I get enough I'll dedicate my time to bring it out faster ;)

enjoy N keep it clean.

Click Here to play


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2013-04-24 15:13:09

suggest: Mana World game (

if you need help funding your project i suggest Offbeatr (


2013-05-19 19:25:33

well it comes new champs all the time... well not so many female champs that makes things slightly easier for you but i hope you can finish the game one day... that would be fun, cant wait for it... well i know it will take some time and i understand it will take alot of time that you dont have :l ....


2013-06-21 20:51:02

Do you think you have a release date on the update ? :3 plz answer


2013-09-04 17:12:02

were can i find the full version?


2014-03-12 01:04:18



2014-07-25 11:51:04

When you are gonna finish a game,I wanna try more characters?


2017-01-23 13:12:42

i still waiting.... :v 4 years...